Advice Needed - Almost out of mocks

By the end of this weekend I will be out of Mock exams… I’ll have taken the CFAI mock, all 6 Kaplan paper mocks, all QBank Q’s, and that other Kaplan Final Review mock. That will leave me with about ~50 hours of remaining study time with no mock exams.

Does anyone have any advice/review on a cost efficient place to get 1 to 2 mock exams? I would also like to be able to print out the mocks.

I’m considering Wiley Elan and Konvexity so far…

Have you tried finquiz ? I have bought for 200$ 6 mock exams and hundreds of topic item sets. All printable. Pretty hard also.

FinQuiz is offering mocks at $25 only…

Jeeps man I think you went a but overkill on the Mocks. Just do some readings and EOCs.

Dude 7 mocks is plenty already. Just re-read your notes, keep things fresh, and break a leg.


Mocks have diminishing marginal returns after some point. I have revised my plan, now I am back to the original source (i.e. readings, EOCs, topic assessments).

Would tend to agree with that analysis.

How was that one? Comparable to the other schweser mocks? I’m considering purchasing one more mock to take this weekend and I see they have it available on the website for $100.

I agree with you Gebura. At some point you’re better off revising the most important areas.

my best advice to you is to go get a life!

Sleep tight and have some beer this weekend! Just Relax and refer old notes and problems which you could never solved or you just guessed.

I haven’t taken it yet. I am planning for that mock to be my last mock so that if I don’t get to it, I save $100.

C’mon, where’s the positive energy? Giving up most of your social life for the last two months prior to each exam is part of the dedication process required to pass and get those 3 big letters IMO.

Maybe you’re just a lot smarter than me and didn’t need that much time and effort…

I couldn’t agree more. This is what makes it worth it. The grind, dedication and sacrifice. Let’s get it.

Give konvexity a shot :slight_smile:

Will remove all complacency for the last week :slight_smile:

Have you mastered the material in what you did? I would go back to the sections you did poorly on and redo those to make sure you got those down. New mocks will probably repeat Instead of spend time on weak areas.