Advice Needed (Especially from Retakers)

I have done the following:

-Solved CFAI EOC more than once and I feel confident about my knowledge regarding CFAI EOC…

-Solved mocks 2009-2012 3 times so far. I started scoring 50s the first time I took them, figured I lack some knowledge regarding Effective Interest Rate calculation, etc… formula stuff. So If i include the formulas I lacked id probably score low 60s… Now I totally get everything in the mocks but I can’t tell if its because I memorized the way they’re solved or not…

-Solved Schweser Vol 1 afternoon. Started with 50, 60, 64…

  • Solved morning sessions CFA samples 2009-2011 twice.

-Reviewed the notes I have taken throughout my study period.

I still have 2 weeks, which I took off from work. Any advice on how to spend the remaining 2 weeks in the most effective way is appreciated.


My only concern about your focus thus far (based on your volume of practice problems, repetition, and scoring), is that you may be lacking somewhat on conceptual reasoning, or “tying it all together” so to speak. Since you’re really done all the practice problems you can, I’d spend a little time perhaps reading Secret Sauce or re-reading your highlighted notes to gain a broader big picture perspective. I’m sure you’re fine on all the calculations, it might just be some of the reasoning that’s holding you back from scoring higher. I know I run the risk of sounding like the Schweser L3 writers when I say this, but it seems that L3 takes more than just practice problem repetition. Anyone else?

I think you’ll be fine.

^, I hope so …

Thanks for your input westibbs. It is true, sometimes I get confused when there are two comments or two sentences and I have to pick the correct/wrong one. There’s always something missing. I passed level 2 boarder pass (failed 4 sections) and 1 of them is portfolio management however I felt confident before the exam. Do you suggest i spend time solving schweser volume 2? some people say its a waste of time because it gets into TOO much details of schweser notes and focuses minor details.

Leave Schweser now, focus on CFAI stuff

Yeah i would say Schweser vol 1 is probably good enough. I would say focus on CFAI like Crucifier, but it sounds like you already have been a ton. Maybe Schweser (e.g. study notes, secret sauce, flashcards) could help you tighten up the concepts…

I completed Schweser 1 and 2, I didn’t think vol 2 was any harder or more focused on minutiae but I thought some questions were poorly worded. It may be repetitive, but from here out I’m going to focus on CFAI starting with EOC questions (it’s what’s least fresh in my head since I haven’t looked at them recently). Then the last week just my own notes and items I’ve missed on mocks. Then prayers and bribery

I’d note the LOS that are hurting you, then go read the end of reading summary from CFA and the specific portions of CFA text plus blue box within the readings beginning with your consistently worst topics.

To add to Westibbs’ comment, I’d focus on quality and the highly testable stuff. Just my 2 cents, I haven’t passed either! Good luck!

^Agree, if you know all the calculations and question formats and have done a lot of questions, just go back and (re)read the CFAI chapters that you’re weakest in.

Thanks… will do so, ill focus on derivatives, GIPS, currency…