Advice needed : how to improve PM scores ( l3 retaker )

hi all ,

im a retaker ( band 10 last year) Im really stressed out with my PM performance . i can’t seem to improve my PM mock score

Unlike my AM it is improving about 5% ( done CFA AM 2011 ( 60%) 2014 (70%) 2016 (60%) , my PM is only around 62% CONSISTENTLY . I dont know what is wrong with me . what do you suggest ? should i just focus on working only on PM until D-DAY?

What always helped me with multiple choice questions. Print CFAI Mock. Examine all your answers not only incorrect ones than also those which was correct spuriously by guessing. Take another Mock and repeat all steps. If you found some provided answers less understood, you should pass through this chapter again or look for information from other sources.

Golden words Flashback. Easier said then done. I am sure that the process you outlined works, but my q is with time constraint, what is the best approach? Topic tests on CFA site is around 65- how much time do we have to spend on just mocks at this time? How many times we need to do it? twice ?

I agree with Flashback’s advice, that’s a very good approach. As for how much time and how many times, there is really no easy answer derswap07, it is very much candidate dependent as different candidates are stronger and weaker in different topic areas. This is why being able to self-reflect is crucial. That self imposed assessment is probably the best guide in knowing where you need to spend more time and where you can forego the opportunity cost.