Advice Needed- Interview follow-up

I recently interviewed for what I think is my dream job. I thought it went very well. Since I believe I am qualified for the position, I focused my efforts on building a rapport with the hiring manager. I believe I succeeded in this. Towards the end of the interview I asked the hiring manager about interest in the position and was told there was a decent amount of interest. This didn’t surprise me as this seems to be a really good opportunity and this type of job is probably hard to come by these days. Anyway, can anyone share advise on how I should proceed? I want this really bad. I did send the hiring manager a short but to the point thank you email. Is this enough? thank you

I’m in the same place. I follow up weekly with tasteful phone calls. I reaffirm my interest in the position and that I’m happy to provide additional information related to my qualifications. Emails are nice, but forgotten. Get on the phone and make it happen. My point of view is the drive and persistence for the position will reflect how you will perform in your position. Just my .02. I still have 3 interviews in the air. For my dream job of the bunch, I showed up at the office (with the help of a contact) and brought the team bagels. It cost $8, and I got to meet face to face with the hiring manager again and express my interest for the position. I also thanked them for scheduling the interview carefully around my classes, which took some back and forth emailing/calls. Sadly I’m getting desperate, so I’m trying new things to bridge the gap between interview and offer.

Quant Jock- I admire your persistence, but are you concerned that your tactics might be construed as too aggressive? I was going to follow-up with a call (interview was this past Friday) tomorrow. However I don’t want to put the hiring manager on the spot. It really is tricky, especially when it comes to making decisions based on not so much qualifications (my guess is that others interested are just as qualified as I am) but on “who you like most.”

I make sure to take note of when I should to expect to hear back. Between the interview and that time I send a courtesy thank you. After that date, if I hear nothing back, I follow up weekly to check in and see where things stand. I figure that is not too aggressive and admirable since hiring can sometimes become a second thought to their primary job duties.

Wow, you are somewhat pushy I think. I am also interviewing for a great job, actually 12 interviews already passed, and waiting. Relax, and do not be desperate.

I agree, I rarely follow up … if they want you, they will be in touch. I know it’s tough to wait.