Advice Needed on Study plan

Hii friends,

I am planning to appear for the Dec 2012 CFA L1 Exam. I have strated preparations two days back. And I have just completed my MBA in Finance. I have got a job offer. And so my study hours would be restricted to a great extent. Will it be possible for me to complete the curriculam on time. I have completed only Time Value of Money and going through Discounted Cash flow applications as of now.

I would like some advice. Thanks a lot for your time.

Absolutely, set a study plan and remain disciplined. I would bet the majority of people who completed all three levels did so while employed and working well over 40 hours per week. I am sitting in June and started studying in December. Many people start much later than I did (from what I read). The key would be to create a study schedule with clear goals/deadlines, and stick to it! You’ll be fine and you’ve already got an MBA in Finance - a solid foundation.