Advice Needed

Hi All, I have completed reading through all the material and attempted the chapter questions. My question is what to approach next. Since it is impossible to retain all the information through reading once, would you recommend spending time going through my written notes (could take a couple of weeks) or would you say hit the Schweser Q bank and practice exams and then only review on the weak areas? Would it not be a waste attempting the mock exams without reviewing the materials? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I suggest you wait to do a mock in a week or two. But I would definitely do a Practice Exam - 120Q, 3hrs. It will help you review everything, go over all the questions and then spend a few days rereading notes, and drilling questions on specific sessions and then do another oneā€¦ and so forth. Rereading all the study notes could be useful, but not the wisest thing to do given the time you have left. Just drill questions, the material will sink in, you will see.