Advice needed.

Hello everyone, I have been doing some research on the CFA for a while and came across this forum. I am feeling a tad confused on whether I should be doing the CFA and would appreciate any advice. Just a quick one on my background…I graduated with first class honours in Economics two years ago. I majored in International trade and Finance within Economics. My thesis was on foreign exchange related issues using applied econometrics. After graduation, I started working as an analyst/economist in the energy sector. However, I realise that my general preferences and stuffs I like reading up on are still global economy related issues. I would like to venture into the global investment research divison within banks (i.e. research related to foreign exchange, interest rates) which seems like a rather narrow perspective. Down the road, I am really hoping to be able to establish a career in equity/economics research or FX/fixed income strategist type of roles. Although I am just starting out my career (1.5 years into my first job after university), I have experienced some difficulties in trying to switch sectors. Do you think taking up the CFA would benefit me in terms of trying to switch into the financial sector as well as in the longer term (when I try to establish my career within that sector)? I would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

i think the CFA helps anywhere you go, it adds credibility and shows that you have gone above and beyond to attain a much coveted and prized charter. plus, since you have an econ/stats and fixed income background, the three exams shouldnt be too hard for you. ive heard level 2 is the hardest and comprises of major fixed income/structured product calculation stuff.

Hi, Thanks for the advice. I haven’t actually any fixed income experience at all. Hopefully, a CFA is going to help. :slight_smile: