advice needed!!

I started doing Schweser mocks last week and kept scoring mid 70s on Volume 1 and 60 on volume 2 exams. Is volume 2 that hard?? I keep reading one sector of Elan guides everyday but no improvement. The worst part is, i always need 180mins to finish the mocks, which is way worse than my level 1 prep. How do everyone manage time when doing mocks? And do you find summaries in CFAI books useful? I personally found it too generic and haven’t read most of them, should i try reading them all? Any input will be greatly appreciated!!

I think, generally speaking, the volume 2 tests are harder than volume 1. Volume 2 tests are also generally harder than the actual CFA exam. CFAI books are awful. It’s my first year using them and I will definitely be using Schweser books in the future. The summaries are completely useless and they could write most of the sections MUCH shorter. I personally would not waste my time going back to read the summaries.

60’s and 70s in schweser mocks is good but you can’t base ur performance on that. I was scoring high 50s and low 60s on schweser mocks and i asked someone whos a Level 3 candidate and he mentioned that he never passed a single mock exam and he managed to score >70 on all sections. Some said that you need to score 80 on the schweser mock exams before you go to the real CFA exam. It all depends on how you approach it.

Thank you guys, it’s nice to hear, i felt panic seeing so many ppl consistently scoring over 80 on the forum…

Bilal is correct. I never do well on schweser mocks and passed last year. This is because I don’t spend the time to really work that hard on the questions and make careless errors that on gameday I will mostly avoid making or catch. I also don’t take 3 hours to do them either. Why? Well because, I don’t think that’s an efficient way to study. I’m not gonna spend too much time on a question I don’t understand- I’d rather get it wrong and use that time to teach myself how to do it. But that’s me. I also find that many schweser questions are often poorly worded or written, this is probably because they are trying to teach you something with them. I think the questions you will get on exam day will be a lot less convoluted and much more clearly worded. They will be difficult, but they will be fair. I’m sure every question that goes on the exam gets very well scrutinized. Have a look at the difference between the CFA Mocks and the Schweser Mocks. You’ll see a much different tone to the two of them. Finally, the schweser mocks seem to want to get every single LOS in the entire curriculum into their two volumes of tests. As a result, they frequently, and especially in the later mocks, ask just bizarre questions that you’ll almost certainly not get tested on directly. They are just making sure they cover their bases. The CFAI test, lets say about 40 percent will be asset valuation and everything that goes into it. They will then pick randomly from the rest of the curriculum to keep you honest. Good luck!