Advice on approaching L2 ethics

I owe my failure this year to ethics. Went in studying ethics knowing that it can be the deal breaker and never underestimated it. I think I went through every single Q-bank question. Read the CFAI curriculum 3-4 times. Took notes all the way along, took practice exam after practice exam and this test got below a 50%. People that did really well in ethics (like pretchwala, Smarshy, budfox), how did you guys approach ethics differently and do so well on it? Any advice you guys have will help because i can’t let that happen again next year.

do you have an offline email addy i can hit you up on?

gmofsan @ g mail I’m sorry that you have to be in here with me in the L2 forum this year but we’ll get it next year for sure.

I am in the same problem. I studied a lot of ethics. i passed but it makes me worry for l3. Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Investments 18 - * - - Corporate Finance 36 - * - - Derivatives 36 - * - - Economics 18 - - * - Equity Investments 72 - - * - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 * - - - Financial Statement Analysis 72 - - * - Fixed Income Investments 36 - - * - Portfolio Management 18 - * - - Quantitative Methods 18 - -

Even in a lot of the CFAI practice exams I wound up hit or miss. Either I aced every question or I got a 40%. Got to find out how to approach it better.

I’m in the same boat GMofDen, I honestly don’t know what I could do differently unless you memorize all the suggested and recomended procedures.

Deep2002, my advice is then to focus on the rest of the sections. If you passed L1 ethics above 70, then with just one re-read right before the exam, you should be ok. I say that but dont deny this yr’s L2 ethics was miserable. And yes, I’ve enough experience, unfortunately to compare. I scored 51-70 this yr in ethics as in FSA btw. But in others, i was close to 100%.

I agree, this year’s ethics blew me away. I got in the 50-70 range but I guessed on a few of those questions. Ironic that I was doing so well on the practice questions for ethics.

READ EVERY WORD of the Ethics CFAI text. Read every example, etc. Some questions this year literally came from ONE sentence in the text. Re-read the CFAI ethics the week prior to the exam (including every example).