Advice on brokerages for small time trading

Hey, I’m a level 3 candidate and was hoping to do some minor trading to see some of the strategies on the curriculum in action. I’m looking for a brokerage service that is cheap enough and won’t mind if I don’t trade that much. I’m kinda hoping to just get my feet a little wet, I’m not intending on taking any huge bets. Also, I’d be hoping to buy or sell a couple of options and, in the meantime whilst I read the curriculum, I’d be hoping to invest in a few short term (2 or 3 months maturity) bonds. FWIW I initially would be playing with around 3,000 EUR. Can anyone suggest a suitable website? Who do you guys use? Thanks in advance.

I use Scottrade. I have been happy with them. Be sure to check minimums and sign the Options Disclosure when opening a new brokerage for your strategies.

thank you KJH. Anyone else have any opinions on the matter?

i use Datek now Ameritrade now TD Ameritrade. I like the execution and you can also run strategydesk which you can program trading parameters and easily backtest. Also with all the options, they have all the implied greeks, althought i dont think you can modify them, but i use bloomberg for that anyhow. ameritrade is good for domestic equities and options but if you trade international equities, FX, commodities, etc , i would go with something else, such as interactive or tradestation, dont know much about noble trading…

I also use Scottrade, happy with them as well, they are especially good if you are trading small account where transaction costs matter. They have $7 flat trades for regular/stop/limit orders and their execution is decent. If transaction costs are a factor for, you may look into, they simply provide free trading without any bells and whistles (I think they give you 40 free trades a month).