Advice on FSA

Starting to study FSA next week and would like to know from those who have been using a combination of cfai & schweser. Would it be more intelligent to read the condensed schweser version for FSA or to start on the FSA bible that cfai provides us? Assuming standard accounting/financial knowledge. Main reason is I dont want to get lost in that book and believe it might be better to just get to the point. Thank you.

CFAI then schweser

I concur with SSS

kaplan flash cards on FSA are good

go with the schweser first and if you can’t grasp a concept look it up in the curriculum. way too wordy

I would go schweser then CFAI, you’ll be able to go through then CFAI more quickly that way.

Definitely go with Schweser first. CFAI has way too much detail that you don’t need to know.