Advice on Level 2

Everyone who is on this forum has passed Level 2 and hence I felt it appropriate to post my questions here 1. What would you advice is the best strategy to study for Level 2. I have approximately 300 days to study for level 2, is that too early? 2. Is Stalla better than Schweser for Level 2 and 3. I used Schweser for Level 1 but just wandering if it approximates the exam at Level 2 and 3 Thank you

take a break from study and start in Feb/March next year. Meantime focus on your career - that’s much more important…

  1. Study a lot more than L1 300 days is too early - unless you’re only allowed to study 1 hour per day… Begin 6 month before exam and spend 400-500 hours! Take a vacation the last 1-2 weeks and study like a crazy. Note: Many persons will tell you to start studying in march of april. Don’t listen to them! 2) I don’t know Stalla. Schweser was good enough for me. I only used Schweser, except for Ethics. Note however that by reading Schweser you may miss 1-3 questions because they don’t cover everything. The good thing about Schweser is that you don’t waste time. 3) Don’t forget to ask and answer questions on AF

agree with above posters on timing. way too early. i used stalla all the way through. personally, im of the opinion that whatever worked for you on level one should be the way to go for level 2 and 3. i would never change the recipe for success, stalla, schweser or CFAI materials.

I concur with Null and nuller…put the books down for a while and pleasure read, reacquaint yourself with your fiends and family, go on a few benders, and enjoy the great outdoors. Once the weather turns to winter begin your studying…my personal feeling is use CFAI texts almost exclusively because that is what they are going to test you on. And do every problem and take all samples and mocks.

John Harris’s Accounting Workshop. Don’t miss it. Do all end-of-chapter CFAI textbooks problems.