advice on prospective job

hi all, sorry that my question will sound bit dumb…but i am just in bit odd situation right now There is this local big financial firm which i am keen to join and someone i know can easily pass my cv to the owner/higher management directly. IF i get the interview, i know i have good chances of getting in. The problem is that i am supposed to leave for my home country for some important business in dec-jan which i can’t postpone. The probabation period in the country i am in is 3 months. Thus, estimating that i can join work by 1st october (recruitment process is really slow here) hardly my probation period will be finished by that time and i would be in no position to ask for time off… Thus, i am trying to decide should i pursue the application process now or wait till i come back… i wouldnt have had second thoughts on pursuing this after i come back but the sourceful person who can pass my cv is uncertain to stay after december in the city we are in… so any useful thoughts on my situation are welcome please