Advice on Schweser Exams if you've taken all of them

I’ve done the first 3 out of 6, scoring 82, 90, and 73 (disclaimer on the 73 is that I got 4 out of 6 wrong on Traynor Black item set). With all the stuff I have left to do, I have time to fit in one more Schweser Exam. My question is which one should it be? Which of the last 3 is not too easy but also not too quantitative i.e. most indicative of the real thing? Thanks in advance.

IMO, 2PM was a pretty solid exam. My scores for 1AM through 2AM were 78, 77, and 72. I scored 63 on 2PM. It had a good mix of Equity, FRA, and Corp Finance. Those three will combine for, what, 50% on exam day?

Dont bother doing the full exam, find your weak areas and do the item sets within the exams, this makes timing much more manageable and meaningful

i may consider that northeastern thanks. dhwit–di you get to the last 2 exams yet?

if you really want to work on equity i just noticed that exam 6 has 5 equity vignettes (out of 10) wow