Advice on study for 3 weeks

Hey Guys

I am writing Level 1 on Dec 5. I have gone through the readings of all the topics but just started the Q bank yesterday. I have the 3 weeks prior to th exam off from work and I will be going hard in those 3 weeks with practicing exams and doing mocks. My overall plan right now is to get through all of the Q banks for all topics… Do topic tests… and then just start doing mock exams…

My question:

  • how many mock exams should i do… i was thinking 8?

  • any tips on how I should plan my study?


Beef up in highest weighted sections, ignore economics to some degree (just review missed questions on your mock, and review notes).

If you crush Accounting, Fixed Income, Quant, Ethics, and Equity you can pass. 8 mock exams is good, but that could be a tight fit with your window of time.

Whatever you do, make sure you review all the practice material posted by CFA on their website, as it is invaluable for you to see how the CFA question writers form their questions. Good luck.

Practice material posted by CFA Institute - multiple times.

Read chapter end summaries from CFA books as well.