Advice on study materials for May'12 level1

I’ve seen a lot of threads asking about study materials but am still confused which route to take.

I am looking to take level 1 in May next year and want to get started as soon as is possible as it’s a while since I’ve done any maths and some concepts are going to be entirely new to me.

Possible options below:

  1. Schweser - good detail, worried about test questions being too easy

  2. BT - good test questions, worried about lack of depth of materials

  3. FRM part I books - long winded?

  4. some sort of combination of the above?

I’m sure its personal preference but any feedback, especially from people who have just sat the exam especially would be much apprciated.


I just sat both Part 1 and 2 and I had access to both Schweser and BT. Personally I like having the books FRM or CFA for reference but I’m not really a book guy and prefer video instrction and questions. BT and Schweser are good in their own way. The video instruction from Schweser was good and I thought fairly comprehensive. however I found BT to be superior in explaining how some of the mathematical models worked and Copulas. Question wise sure BTR questions are more complicated, but they are in book form and I preferred using Schweser to knock out hundreds of questions. Certainly Schweser’s questions are not at exam level but they do drill the concepts and if you know it well enough the exam will not pose a problem. I really liked BT’s stuff and it definitely helped with some of the more compliacted financial models in Part 2 and they have a good library of shorter videos focussing on specific areas. Sorry to not really give you a direct answer, but as for most people it comes down to personal preference.