Advice Please

Hey guys, I’ve been reading these posts for quite a while now and I finally decided to join. I had a few questions and I figured this would be the best place to ask. I graduated this year (may) from a competitive university program in the boston area with a degree in Economics and am waiting for the results for the level I cfa exam. Right now my job is in operations and I want to get out of operations asap and perhaps work under an equity analyst/ pm as an associate and then work my way up. If you were in my position, how would you go about your job search etc. Any adivce? Does the CFA help a lot? Would passing level I help a lot? I know you guys have years of valuable experience so your imput would be greatly appreciated.

Well come to AF!! And of course good luck for LI. One advice from me is to post this question in General discussion forum.

In my experience there is little benefit to you employmentwise until you pass level II. BTW: this exact question (i.e. getting out of operations) has been asked many times and answered by much better people than me. I suggest using the search feature.

Thanks Hiya and Oskigo. I appreciate all the advice i can get.