Advice please

I got a band 10 for the dec level 1 sitting (first attempt). I want some advice regarding doing frm level 1 n cfa level 1 in may & june. I dont have any work commitments so i can put in the required hours. Plus being a band 10 i dont really need to go all guns blazing for level 1 again. I am in no way trying to underestimate the hardwork for either of the exams. Just wanted to know what other AF members thought abt this? the way i see it i can start putting 10 hours of study time each day from tomo but putting that just for cfa level 1 with four months to go doesnt make alot of sense. and advice would be appreciated. thanks!

You seem to still have alot of momentum from the Dec tests and Band 10 is so close to a pass that I think giving it another try is very reasonable ! Make use of the momentum, june tests seem to have higher passing rates, and get the first exam under your belt. You probably do not need to study 10hours a day though!

all the best

ishaikh, how much time did you spend on studying for the Dec exam? Do you feel and can honestly admit you put your heart and soul into preparations? I don’t want to knock the wind out of your sails, but… level 1 is really an easy one when compared to L2 and L3. Surely, I know people who failed L1 and still eventually got the charter, but… That’s why my questions - if you know you just underestimated the enemy and did for, say, 50-60% of your potential, then I would say: go for it in June! Otherwise, perhaps you should think it over again… Anyway, best of luck to you!

P.S. You can also read what Arif and Greenman72 wrote (and I DO agree with them both)

Get a job and take Level I again.

I think that studying for 10 hrs a day when you have all day for four months is probably overkill and I don’t seriously think you’ll be able to easily sustain motivation for long that way (I don’t know, maybe you’re very good that way). I averaged about 3-4 hrs a day with no full time job over the course of 3 months and it worked out just fine. Toward exam day I was doing it for about 5-6 hrs, 7 max. You have to know when you run into the diminishing returns problem.

thanks everyone!