Advice Question - Best EFT index for 40 year hold

Hi, I am studying for my Level 1 (Slowly and this may be an inappropriate topic) but I am looking to start DCA into an equities index fund) I was thinking of an S & P Div index type fund but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas. Also my retirement is about 40 years away. (G_d Willing)

Best index for a forty year old is the Fidelity Forty (FFTYX)

FFTYX is a concentrated mutual fund (not passive at all) and it’s current manager doesn’t even own the three year number. Keep looking.

I’m pretty sure that was a joke.

The 40 yr thing is not very relevant. Buy SPY and put them in your retirement accounts.

Over a 40 year horizon, you may want some EEM in there too. Obviously not 100%, but maybe around 30%.

too early for xlf or uyg?

Dears, who could tell me below is correct or not —
The advantages of ETFs over mutual funds are: Constant pricing and trading throughout the day.

Thanks !