Advice Required- Busy Schedule


I have a really hectic shedule at work ( 3 hours travel 9 hours work ) and after I come back home, I am not able to concentrate.If I read 10 pages I can retain only 2 pages which I forget after a week. I have asked for a sabbatical so I’l get around 45 days off from work. I can put in around 7-9 hours of study each day. Do you think its doable? I am slow reader , take time to comprehend stuff, especially CFA :stuck_out_tongue: . I cleared L1 and L2 in first attempt but after spending more than 350 hours on each level.

Also are Arif Irfanullah videos good for L3? Im using schweser and will do all the question banks 2 weeks before the exam.

Please provide your inputs.

Thanks and Regards.


With an upcoming 45 day sabbatical you are in a much better position that most. Even at the low end of your range that will be 300+ study hours.

Between now and your sabbatical I suggest getting the Schweser videos (or audio) and watching/listening to them during your 3 hour commute. And then when you get home do a 20-30 qbank quiz on the video/audio topic.

I dont know much about Irfanullah sorry.

Are you able to study while traveling? I have a 50 minute train ride that I use to read through the text & study flash cards to stay ‘fresh’ on the topics.

From what I remember, Irfanullah’s level-1 free videos on youtube were great. I still remember the video of him explaining a forward rates…