Advice: Schweser for Derivatives or Portfolio Mgmt?

Hello everyone, We’re getting down to the wire and I still have 1 book to read, derivatives and PM. I don’t think I have enough time to read both from CFAI, so my plan is to read one section in Schweser so that I can finish by the end of the month and spend 1 month practicing. I can argue it both ways. Derivatives will be very challenging, so CFAI will provide better insight, etc. Or, Because derivatives is difficult, and all of L3 is PM, just learn Schweser well for derivatives and set myself up for the next level by reading PM from CFAI (assuming I’m fortunate enough to pass L2). I would really appreciate your thoughts on which section to read in Schweser.

I find derivatives very calculation heavy and not too bad theoretically. Therefore I think Schweser, being more concise, is suitable for derivatives. I still haven’t got my head around PM so I would I wouldn’t like to call it for you.

i think the best plan for portfolio management is to pray its only 5% of the test - i can’t stand it, boring as all hell

I think Schweser is awful for SWAPS. CFA textbook is awful for PM I guess the trick is to find the right combination

I read Schweser for both PM & Derivatives…, and I think I can hold my own. Reviewing Derivatives now.

I say read both with Schweser and to the problems in CFA,

I used CFAI for Derivatives - pretty clear, but I still hate the topic.

Great. Thanks for you thoughts. I think I’ll read CFAI derivatives and use Schweser for PM. I should be able to do that by the end of the month. Good luck everyone.