Advice sought from those who passed L2

Did you review L1 prior to starting L2?

No takers?

You dont have to review Level 1 no. There is more than enough information on Level 2 to take up your time.


One has to take seriously that CFAI holds test takers responsible for L1 material at the L2, while being judicious on allocating time between refreshing L1 and advancing in L2. A lot of L1 and L2 blended in, such as international econ, quant, equity, and FSA. Before going full bore in my L2 campaign, I spent some time last November after Thanksgiving reviewing my Schweser L1 pdfs, Secret Sauce, and the Book 0 for Level 1 - to refreshen concepts, restart my study habits, and go into L2 studying with a foundation of renewed knowledge. In spring, spent extra time reviewing L1 FSA with John Harris materials, Schweser and CFAI L1 FSA materials. I passed, and credit having a decent L1 review in contributing to my overall preparedness.

correction to above - meant ‘Book 0 for Level 2’

If you find yourself moving very slowly in a section, try a few questions from the back of the book that you should be able to answer. That method helped me to focus on my weak spots, rather than to try to stubbornly bull through the chapters.

Back of the chapter, I meant.

cmbakerj Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Did you review L1 prior to starting L2? I read the Book 0 that comes with schweser package. Great help. Do it.