Advice that used to be good, but is now bad

I’m trying to put together some marketing material, and I need help. Give me a piece of advice (financial or nonfinancial) that was good once upon a time, but is either no longer relevant or is downright bad.

EG - “Change your oil every 3,000 miles” used to be good advice. But most cars can go 5,000 miles or more between oil changes now. So changing oil every 3,000 miles is unnecessarily pricey and bad for the planet.

60/40 bond portfolio. LOL. worst faqin advice.

makign a seeking alpha account. they are now limiting the articles i can read. holy ■■■■. i frigging hate them. cancel seekign alpha.

Hold your money in fiat currency. What a ■■■■■■■ joke!

Diversification is a good idea! Diversification is for people who just want average performance (aka people admitting they suck ahead of time)

Leverage is bad. Gimme more margin baby people don’t use enough leverage!

You should always buy your home, so you aren’t spending money on rent! Shut the ■■■■ up boomer, can you even do opportunity cost math

You should own your age in bonds? ■■■■ no, we should use the inverse of our age to determine leverage.

Work for the same company and get a pension. Hell nah, pensions are dead you got to put that stimmy in game stop

Real estate is the way to make money. Buddy, have you not heard of NFTs?

You should use a broker for financial advice. Why the ■■■■ does my broker drive a better car than me?

You should hold all your stocks in American companies. Have you heard of home country bias you ■■■■■■■ boomer?

You should buy dividend stocks. Dividends stocks used to be a proxy for value stocks, but now they do not trade at value multiples. ■■■■■■■ idiot!

Smart people can outperform the market. ■■■■■ whenever a reflective benchmark is found, it turns out the people weren’t outperforming. They were just taking more risk

Stretching before exercise reduces industry. Are you a ■■■■■■■ idiot, stretching before exercise increases injury

Doctors know best. ■■■■■ have you seen most surgeries don’t work better than placebo?

Pluto is a planet. ■■■■■ are you an astronaut

You should strive to be an alpha male. Idiot, don’t you know the beta male has the best role in the hierarchy?

The earth is the center of the universe. You may be able to predict the location of stars at night, but you still an idiot

8 glasses of water a day? Are you a dum dum

Sugar makes kids hyper. No ■■■■■ you a bad dad

UFOs are fake. Have you seen the q drops?

Oh you believe (insert social psychology claim especially if mentioned by gladwell)? ■■■■■ you a sheep

You must go to college to go somewhere and to be someone in life

Stocks always go up because (insert some bogus evidence, such as spy’s performance for the past 120 years - while being completely ignorant about survivorship bias)

Buy the dip because (see point above)

you think moving forward the S&P 500 wont perform 6 to 12% per year in the next 50 years? i dont think survivorship bias will change that. but at least we’ll be able to find out due to the SPY ETF.

What I meant by the survivorship bias is that picking spy as the measuring stick screams survivorship bias and is very flawed when used as an argument. What about those people who invested in say, latin america stocks 120 years ago? Or russian? A lot of indeces really got shafted during the past century and just picking one of the good performers and using that as a blanket reasoning to keep investing in stocks is not very rational imo.

ahh fair point. yea us stock market kinda besdt performing. ic ur point.

We all knew you were a commie. Now it’s confirmed :joy:

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ncie stats eh

Those are pretty cool. Interesting that the average emerging market return is higher than both Germany and France.

man i remmeber seeing stats that stated the exact opposite 10 years ago. i remmeber someone said best investment is small cap value emerging mkt lol. they’ve done really poorly ever since i laid eyes on those stats. these are at least more legit cuz its in an actual study. lol i looked at their updated info from 2010 to 2020. they have that same sector going at 2% per year in the last 10 years with an std of 19%. lol

10 years is a rounding error for investment horizons mijo!

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