Just got let go and I’m really not sure what to do. I’m thinking about applying to some lower tier NYC MBA programs (St Johns, Baruch, Fordham, maybe NYU PT) with late april/early may deadlines just to have some options while I search for jobs. As I haven’t studied at all for the GMAT, does this seem ridiculous? I’m having a hard time keeping a clear head at the moment. I just seems like there’s not much to lose at the moment. I’m really worried about my prospects on the NYC job market and I’m thinking lower tier b-school > temping in a back office (if I’m lucky enough to find that!).

what were you doing prior to the layoff? i think applying for an mba program is not a bad idea as a backup, but its a lot of money to dish out for a lower tier school. i’d put full effort into finding something,anything, for work and then taking a shot at better schools after a little while.

^agree with thems. If you’re aiming for employment with a brand name Wall Street firm in a non-back office capacity then a lower tier MBA is nearly worthless.

Baruch is almost free for residents, and it is not a bad school

kid, I didn’t know that Baruch is this cheap for part-time courses (resident students) I may consider this for MS in Quant methods and modeling next year.