What’s everyone doing to prepare for ethics. It seems no matter how many questions I do I still can’t get more than 55% of them right. Can anyone suggest what I should be doing? Is it worth re-reading schweser at this point?

hmmmm if you’ve got the book 6/7, do those ethics questions for practise… and while you do the questions, go through every single answer and write down why its correct/incorrect… even if you get some wrong, if you’re able to reason it and argue your point, i find it helps you understand where they are coming from… i find iti helps to think of yourself as a judge… you’re given a certain case, and you’ve got to decide if they’ve broken the law or not, and why, or why not… i’ve gone through GIPS from schweser today, but i dont think its enough… they recommend you reading the actual CFA text the day before the exam… cos like i mentioned before, its the most important section of the exam

this is how it works for me: I ask myself what I would do in those situations. The complete opposite behaviour is the correct one :slight_smile:

hahaha funny