i have done four sample exams. i keep getting around 66%. i am scared. any advice on how i can get my grades high?

Obviously go over your weak areas. Keep reviewing, you have lots of time. Make sure you have all major formula’s memorized and keep pounding out EOC’s on your weak areas. Take as many Mock’s and Samples as you can.

Audrey- KEEP IT UP, SON. I’m here banging out FRA questions and absolutely thrilled at the fact that I’m finally “getting it”. For what it’s worth, I got up at 5:30 today to study an hour before work, read maybe 45 minutes here and there at work, came home and now am doing another hour+ of reviewing the same G-D section. BUT SURPRISE SURPRISE, IT APPEARS I’M LEARNING IT, as I finally get problem after problem correct, without consulting my notes. Get that Qbank or EOC book open and just do problems concerning your weakest section, over and over and over. I defy you to do 15 in a row, writing out the equations, and tell me it’s not getting a little clearer. You can do it! If you’re TOTALLY stuck, re-read the section, then write out the problem and the answer you see in the book, and try and work through it.