hi everyone I’m going to take the December 2011 lvl 1 exam and if I pass, I then plan to take the June 2012 exam. I know how tough the lvl 2 exam is so I would like to hear the opinions of anyone who has been in this situation. Is it prudent to start studying for level two exam early in November 2011, while I’m studying for level one? I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait until the december exam is over and then start studying for level 2. On a related note, how much time do you guys recommend studying for L2? I plan to start studying for L1 in early may and putting in about 300-350 hours. Thanks for your help.

No I don’t recommend you do that! Take it one step at a time. Study all the way through for Level 1 and then when you take it (dec 5th or 6th or whatever) then you can start studying for level 2. Don’t confuse yourself with all the stuff from level 2 when you haven’t even given level 1 a shot

i say if ur at the point where u feel 100% ready for l1 and if u have the dedication go for it. I dont agree with my friend above about confusion. I find myself so much stronger at l1 stuff now that i have studied l2 stuff. But i do worry about retention. I forgot so much simple l1 stuff cause my ram is filled with l2 stuff… Also keep in mind that an hr of studying way 2 soon does not have the same effect as an hr closer to exam. 1 cause u forget. 2 most people work harder under pressure. But i love ur attitude and i think u will ace it!

ahmadmadoff Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I > find myself so much stronger at l1 stuff now that > i have studied l2 stuff. But i do worry about > retention. I forgot so much simple l1 stuff cause > my ram is filled with l2 stuff… That’s because level 2 is like everything in level 1 again except much harder.

No I would not do that! Here is what I did. Level 1 December 2010…study good 6 months for it and made sure I really understand everything. Took 1 Week break after the exam and started studying for Level 2 right away. HOPEFULLY I’ll finish up Equity this week and do a full review of everything until now next week. Just focus on 1 and then you’ll have about 7 months for Level 2…you should be ok.

Agree with toronto Just stick with what you have to know for the exam, then move on to the next exam, even if you feel you have covered everything, just step back, relax, chill, and unwind, and you will be full of energy for level 2, otherwise you will just be exhausted. P.S I passed level 1 with only 1 to 2 months before the exam, and only started for level 2, two weeks ago…

Start studying for level 2 before you’ve passed level 1? Ballsy but really that is not a good idea whatsoever and really not necessary! If you feel confident you’ve passed level 1 after taking it then by all means start the process of reading up on level 2 material in December or whatever. Personally I think you should take a break after doing the exam regardless. If you start in January for the June exam there is plenty of time to prepare yourself.

Thanks to everyone for their opinion. I will go with the majority and study for lvl 1 and 2 independently. GL to all you guys.

I always wonder that how everyone thinks that “level one is such a joke”… trust me bro… Level I isnt easy either if you don’t have the right background and even if you have the background, you don’t have discipline, you will fail the exam. I have found nothing in particular very hard in both level 1 and now level 2… It’s all about discipline and organised study. Because once you get off the track this exam will punish u. So my best advice is just focus on level 1 get done with level 1 and start level 2 which you can just do right after the exam as mentioned above. Good luck