So theres this friend of mine. Child hood friend, and close famiyl friend too. Family’s in a pretty well to do position. Thing is, this guy seems confused about this life. He’s half-way thru college, done couple of internships etc. He’s majoring in finance. I am a level 2 candidate and I was naturally suggesting that he too try and do the CFA program. But thing is, this guy doesn’t know whether he should do all this education and then get a job in the industry or whether he just do finish his education (includng CFA) and just handle their family finances. Cuz the way it is, once this guy in done with his school, he’ll end up inheriting more money than any1 of us can dream of managing once we are done with college with a few years of experiance. Thats the reason I suggested him to try and get the CFA charterholder in the first place. What I told him was that he shoudl atleast try and get a few years experience, if not be very serious of a corporate lifestyle, and then get back to takingcare of his family’s wealth. Or do you thini he just direcly start off managing family’s wealth instead of wasting time in the industry where he won’t even come close to what he coulc potentially make? I kind of hinted to him that we could go ahead and open our own small shop or sumting hopefully with our CFA exams done and manage the wealth as well as others. I am in my last year of college and desparately need a job anyway. What would you experienced guys suggest?