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Hi, Congratulations to all who cleared Level I. I am planning to appear for Level I in June 2009. I have confusion regarding preparation for Level I. 1) Reference to Schweser notes would be sufficient? Or should I first refer to CFAI books and then Schweser notes. CFAI notes are quite in detail and I fear, if I refer them I may not have enough time on my hand to practise for the exam. Please advise. Thanks

June 2009 and you wont have time on your hand… maybe you should think about registering for June 2010 test

Hi, Thanks equity research but it is due to work constraints I asked this question. I just don’t want to leave any chance for not clearing Level I. So if you could advise whether : 1) Reference to Schweser notes would be sufficient to clear Level I? Or should I first refer to CFAI books and then Schweser notes.

Dont take a short cut…you have almost a year for L1. Try to finish CFAI text and then start Schweser.

First of all, a search for this subject will give you the answer you are looking for. Which set of material you use depends a lot on your background. Without knowing your background, I would suggest you to read CFAI books as they are the most comprehensive and detailed. If you have time after going though CFAI books and problems, you can use Schweser notes as a review. For level I, I used CFAI book only for Ethics section and Schweser for everything else. I did have accounting and economics background from my MBA courses. Absent time constraints, I would have preferred CFAI books. For level II, due to severe time constraints, I used only Schweser for everything. I did not even use CFAI for Ethics. Big mistake. June level II test showed that I was foolish to not read CFAI for at least Ethics. Also, I did poorly on Portfolio Management because of this. I still think one could have passed level II using just Schweser, but a wiser approach may be CFAI books for a thorough study and Schweser notes for review. Some AF posts has advised to use Schweser notes + questions at the end of CFAI books + Ethics from CFAI book for an efficient way to prepare.

Thansk Buddham…it was an insightful info… Just to add… My qualifications 1) 2)MBA in finance

Answer all the Practice Problems given at the end of each session in your CFAI material and solve as many questions from the q-bank.

agandhi2008 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thansk Buddham…it was an insightful info… > > Just to add… My qualifications > > 1) > 2)MBA in finance B.COM- are you taking exam in Canada? What college did you graduate from for MBA?

Gandhi, why didn’t you post this on the LEvel 1 forum? that’s the correct place to post this.

i pased level I in June and used only the CFAI texts. I dont use prep stuff, but will for level II

I just passed my CFA I this past June. I also graduated from Stern with my MBA in May with specializations in finance and accounting. I got a +70 in all cats. I started studying in February, took April off entirely, then got back to studying in May and June. I did not work over of this time. The study materials I used were, CFAI and Schweser for Ethics, then Schweser for everything else. I also listened to the 2007 Schweser Audio. This was actually useful. I know there was a question on the CFAI that asked about a momentum indicator, and this was not covered in the Schweser books at all, but for some reason it WAS on the 2007 audio. Anyhow, I hope this help. I got the advice to use nothing but Schweser from a buddy ho had passed as well.

stern is a good school – did you take damadoran. I just got my MBA from a top 20, too. nice to meet you and congrats dawanism…i will see you on level II in 2009!!!

Yes, I only took the intro equity valuation course though. I am very excited to take the level II. Level I didn’ make me too nervous, although if you are not working, and have an MBA, there are not a heck of a lot of excuses to fail. So I thought failing level I would be a huge embarrassment. Plus multiple choice testing is sort of my forte.

To : cfaboston28 I am based in mumbai, India…urself? Thanks

To : aquabu The best one to advise would be the one’s who cleared Level I due to which i put this post on this forum Thanks