Advise Needed

Hi All, Congrats to those who passed this year! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get over the hurdle. This was my second time taking the LIII, and I’m getting awfully frustrated. So, here is my question, should I take the exam again in 09 or just go get my MBA. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

i think one doesnt exclude the other, but you already spent so many years on CFA! and you already know exactly what to expect of lvl 3, why give up now? good luck… after that you can also apply for MBA :slight_smile:

Both. Why choose? You have come this far and the CFA L3 exam will never be easier for you than it will be in 2009. The curriculum has not changed much and you still have a lot of the material fresh in your mind. Just get it done and apply for b-school at the end of this year.

I’d say give it another go for no other reason that there are very minor changes to the material for next year, so I’ve been told. But, it is your decision. I would recommend to take a couple weeks cooling off period before deciding on anything though. It’s never a good idea to make such an important decision when it’s near impossible to remain level headed. Good luck, and hope to see you around here next year.

Register for exam and apply for MBA. If all goes well, you’ll get your charter just in time to grab that dream internship.