Advise on where to start my career

So i graduated with a finance degree in 2012 did my cfa level 1 and passed it the same year. Been looking for a job ever since. Now my question is: If i want to get into investment banking, corporate finance, private equity kind of job in the future where will be the best place for me to start ?

My options are:

  1. Teller/Cashier or customer service in a bank for 1-2 yrs to be moved (maybe) to corporate loans and services type of job.

  2. Bookeeping or finance assistant (an accounting role basically)

  3. Market research analyst in a quantitative department (in a market research firm (marketing) not a financial firm)

  4. An economic research analyst job for an NPO that does economic research focusing on the local economy.

  5. Staying put as an intern in an entrepreneurship firm that may get me some connections to small private equity firms.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any advise you can give me smiley

u not Lii candidate?