Advisory at Big 4

Hey guys, just want your opinion on the following. Would working as a corporate finance analyst at a Big 4 Advisory division fall under “relevant experience” as deemed by the CFAI?

cfai have a very detailed document (10p pdf) describing acceptable work experience on their site. I can’t find it right now; see if the L3 bboard had a link to it.

…all I can find now is the list of job titles, not the detailed descriptions. Here those are (check #5): 1. Client Service Representative or Relationship Manager 2. Compliance Analyst/Officer 3. Investment Consultant 4. Corporate Chief Financial Officer 5. Corporate Finance Analyst 6. Investment Banking Analyst 7. Derivatives Analyst 8. Economist 9. Institutional Sales Professional/Business Development (Buy & Sell Side) 10. Investment Strategist 11. Portfolio Manager 12. Private Client Investment Advisor 13. Professor/Instructor 14. Quantitative Investment or Risk Analyst 15. Real Estate Investment Manager 16. Regulator/Supervisor of Investment Firm 17. Security/Investment Analyst 18. Securities Trader 19. Valuator of Closely Held Business 20. Venture Capital Analyst Note that title alone won’t convince them, be careful in writing up your description.