I have made a few posts about coffee machines and coffee.Obviously I am a caffeine junkie,so one of the first things I did once I got here was to look for a decent espresso machine.I didnt want to spend alot on the machine,400 was the maximum I was willing to invest in the machine and around 100 on the grinder.Searching online and on various forums I found that most machines around 400 do not produce decent espresso.Even spending 400 on the espresso machine was kind of out of the line when the T.V I bought was 800.

This is what I did,I bought an aeropress for 30,a hand grinder for around 50 and a thermometer for 20.Let me tell you it is the best coffee I have tried,there are so many ways to brew the coffee with videos available at youtube.If you are a coffee drinker definately buy the aeropress and the hand grinder,most electric grinders burn the coffee beans by the heat they produce,not the hand grinder.Buy the aeropress you will not regret it.The only down side is its made for a single serve ,hence you cant make coffee for two people at the same time.

Invest $100 or so for a burr grinder (encore burr grinder is pretty good for the price). You won’t regret it…