AF Advertisers

Given the somewhat significant traffic on AF, I’m surprised the advertisements are limited to CFA study programs. With all the ridiculous talk and alpha man wannabe chatter I’m surprised the site owners aren’t targeting fancy Vodkas, Axe body spray, condoms, whiskeys, watches, etc. Only half joking.

^I think a banner ad for bidets would get a lot of clicks.

Actually that is a good point. The demographic here is pretty well defined, and in WC at least, people have responded better to discussions on men’s fashion, cars, and lifestyle, compared to CFA material. In fact, CFA study materials are things that you hopefully only plan to buy once and not on impulse. Perhaps the market would be more reactive towards advertisements on these other things.

I’ll only click if you get a cut.

^ the only issue i have with non-CFA adverts is about content. the ads must always be SFW because some sites are ridiculous in this way. thus why adverts for “Vodkas, Axe body spray, condoms” probably aren’t the best.