AF and Earth Day

All right so today is Earth Day so why don’t we talk about our small contributions to preserve our beautiful blue planet. I for instance firmly decided to avoid at all costs my today’s bowel movement to save some water and reduce my consumption of toilet paper. I can’t go no. 2 until tomorrow 9am CT. Can you imagine if 6B+ people would do the same? Or at least the AF crew? (bchadwick is of course excused in light of yesterday’s menu) It has been a struggle all day long and I must stand up really slow, but hey, it’s our planet.

Hello there, I’m Al Gore and I endorse this message. -Al Gore

ASSet_MANagement Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hello there, > > I’m Al Gore and I endorse this message. > > -Al Gore Thanks for creating the internet so we can have this conversation, Mr. Gore!

For earthday, I killed Manbearpig.

April 22 is Earth Day. By some weird coincidence, that’s Lenin’s birthday
Sadly, we’ve just lost the founder of Earth Day

Ira Einhorn, the prominent environmentalist activist who helped found “Earth Day” in 1970, has died aged 79

And today, 4/20, is Hitler’s bday. Also a bit of a weird coincidence.

But bumping a nine year old thread? I had that split second reaction when I thought IEV and Nups was back. Shame, Bro, shame.

oh wow.
So granolaheads are communists and potheads are nazis