AF Camaraderie Has Been Key For Me...You?

Sharing knowledge and experience with all of you has made this Level 1 ordeal a little easier, primarily, because I don’t feel like I’m on an island going through this by myself. The General Discussion has provided many laughs and insights for which I’m grateful, and the Level 1 forum has been a great flash review of topics. Yesterday I scored a 56% on a Schweser book six exam and was ready to throw in the towel. After coming to the forum, which has become an intraday ritual whether at work or home, I snapped out of it, took the rest of the night to reflect on why I’m doing this, woke up this morning and scored a 64%. Not great, but an improvement. Anyhow, I’m really glad I stumbled onto this place. It kinda reminds me my football days – everyones competitive, not everyone gets along all the time, but in the end – we all have the same goal – winning. 19 days left people, lets finish this damn thing strong.

Gouman, I think the aim of this forum is to help each other…there are mutual benefit effects! I love this forum too!!!

Very helpful. I learned quite a lot from everyone.

How many addicted yet? I know I am. Couldn’t even go a Sunday without getting my AF fix.

I visit this forum atleast 10 times a day…

“Boards” are incredibly addicting. Unless you have dabbled on one, you don’t get it. And I swear I have a life normally.

Yeah, I’m shocked that people are so willing to help and encourage each other. I guess I’m use to reading posts by disgruntled adolescents playing video games on the internet. The level I boards seem nicer than the others though, maybe you become more jaded the further you go.