[AF chant]: Like, Dis-like! ... Like, Dis-like!

The need of Like and Dislike buttons is one of the few topics on AF that can reach enough consensus, and since our good friend David, the AF developer, has been rather indifferent to our suggestions, I have no choice but start this thread in order to be heard.



It would be helpful to know if the buttons are part of the short-term plans, or we should expect them by the summer of 2017.


Dissent will not be tolerated!

Personally, dislike buttons make me nervous.

We could have a rule that you can only press dislike on an uptick.

Chad’s been pretty active since the refresh, but everytime this subject comes up he goes in silent mode.

I’m for it ! and have been for it for months and months

I’ve thought about this, too.

^ *presses like button*