AF corporate sponsors

I know that this site is less professional than some, and is moderated a little less than some, but lately I’ve been getting advertisements for Adult Friend Finder while on AF. Does anybody else have the same thing happening?

If we can get that turned off, that would be great. My current job doesn’t have a web filter, and I’d really rather not see a lot of that stuff, whether it’s at work or not.

There’s 0 chance chad partnered with that site for AF. You probably have spyware

At my last job, I let my boss’s 11 year old son use my PC for the week when I was on holiday. After I came back all the website I went to had advert banners on the side for meeting Asian women or for RC-Car part suppliers.

Probably ads based on the cookies on your computer…

I’ve been on here for more than 5 years and have never received such an ad.

That’s what I’m guessing. Google creepily follows you and chooses your ads. I’ve only ever seen CFA related ads on here.

Does this mean IEV finally got elected as boardmember?

Be careful, your computer could have been hacked.

your computer wasn’t hacked. You’re google knows what your google knows. What your google knows is that you look at a lot of porn.



poor greenie

greenie man, your work computer?

Lol, never had that here in the 10 years I’ve been on this site on either my home laptop, work comp or mobile device. It appears the all knowing interweb read your posts and arrived at a conclusion.