AF Fantasy Baseball League

Hey guys, MLB Opening Day (March 31) is upon us. As such, I wanted to touch base and gather some interest as to who would like to participate. We had a very successful AF Fantasy Baseball League that king_kong hosted, so I figured it would be nice to set up a Roto League if anyone is up for it. Please post here if you’re interested. I suggest standard 5x5 head to head league, 12 teams max, with 6-team playoff (1st and 2nd seed gets “bye”). $50 entry fee, with price distribution as follows: $350 for league winner $150 for runner-up $50 for third place $50 for team with best record at the end of season If we do a 14-team league, we can just add $25 to each of those totals above. Proposed draft date/time: Thursday, March 31 at 9:30PM Central Time. What do you guys think?


numi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 9:30PM Central Time. Central Time… Does this mean you’re at Booth?

No, it doesn’t