AF Fantasy Football, 2019

Who’s playing?

Yes! This is AnalystForum Fantasy Football Season 7. Who is in? I am!

If you would like to join, please post here AND e-mail me at numi.advisory at gmail dot com so we can make sure you are included

I take it Greenman is in. Who else?

^The only time numi comes out to play…

I’d get into this. Money on the line? What site do you you use? Been a lifelong yahoo sports user but willing to make an exception for a “superior” league

It’s Yahoo! I’ll renew the league in the next few days and invite any interested returning participants, and should have space for a couple new challengers too.

The draft is Wednesday, September 4 at 9PM ET. Entry is $110 (vs. $100 last year), with same prize structure. All participants’ teams have been automatically renewed, but if you don’t wish to participate this year, please either email me or delete the team yourself.

I will open up the league shortly to new participants as we should have a couple extra spots.

I’m in. How do we pay? Log in?

I sent out notifications to everyone about the league – please contact me if you didn’t receive one.

We have two spots that haven’t been called for yet – please let me know as soon as possible if you want an invitation to join the league! Draft is on September 4. numi.advisory at gmail dot com

Sept 4 or 5?

I thought it was Wednesday the 4th at 9:00 pm ET?

Yeah, you’re right, it’s September 4 at 9pm ET. Do you know anyone else that wants too join, Greenman?

Yeah, you’re right, it’s September 4 at 9pm ET. Do you know anyone else that wants too join, Greenman?

^Unfortunately, no. I’ve lobbied Sweep to play, but he says he has better friends to play FF with. (FF = Finatasy Football, not Final Fantasy)

And I’m glad we’re having our draft AFTER Andrew Luck retired. One of my buddues was in a league that drafted on Saturday. Somebody picked Luck about thirty minutes before he retired. Talk about bad Luck.

I know it’s pathetic, but why don’t we just make it an 8 person league? Better that than some randos joining.

We actually have enough players from outside AF that would want to join or return from past seasons. One person has a conflict on Sep 4 and the other just hasn’t paid yet. I’ll follow up.

Anyone here have objections to moving the draft from Sep 4 to Sep 5 at same time?

No objection here.

So when is the draft now? I know there have been some changes, and I haven’t kept up with them all.

The draft time is unchanged and league is full, ready to roll.

Yeah, it was a lot of back-and-forth on the scheduling, which I think was quite generous (on the part of myself and a few others that were on vacation) to try to accommodate just one person’s schedule. But anyway, it’s all ancient history now, glad to see that it all got resolved in the end. Looking forward to an interesting draft.

I knew the dude was a turd, but didn’t know he’d get himself suspended.

Thanks AB. I used 1/4 of my team budget on you.

I don’t recall you asking, but I don’t play FF (either fantasy football or Final Fantasy).

But best of luck to whoever got Mahomes. Congrats on your season championship.