AF Improvement

AF has been great to me and my CFA adventure. I learn a lot from others and find a lot of things very interesting. But there’s one little thing that perhaps can be considered by forum moderator. This is especially true in the last month or so prior to each CFA exam date. I’m referring to classifications of questions within each level forum. It’s quite hard to scroll and search the different threads and get lost navigating through them. Most of the people just post a new thread re a certain question without bothering to look whether the same question has been asked in the past. I dont blame them because different people have different strategies and timelines in studying the materials hence ask questions at different times. So perhaps, there could be classifications to questions based on topics in each Level? Or has this topic been discussed before? My $0.02 anyway.

I think getting people to flag their own questions might be a challenge, although, perhaps one could add “keywords” below the subject line to help with search. It might also be good to have an “active threads” list where you can keep track of threads that you’re watching, although I understand that Chad and other site maintainers might not feel it’s worth it to spend the time coding something as elaborate as that. However, I’d recommend putting the SEARCH function in a more prominent/visible place. Many times the answer to someone’s post is “use the search function,” but then you find that “Search” is hidden away in the middle of a line of small-font links tucked away between a large header and the first post on the page. I’d put SEARCH somewhere more prominent, and maybe give it a more outstanding color. I don’t think that would be a lot of coding.