AF Karma?


Interesting that your post isn’t hidden. Maybe the OP can’t be. I’m still figuring it out too.

The gist of it is, if a comment adds any sort of value - at all - please upvote. If the comment is not up to AF standards (pretty low here in the WC) please downvote. Posts with a score of -10 will be hidden.

^lol that’s definitely not happening though.

i like how our af karma score is now seen though. we see who the bots love and hate the most.

LoL, what is the criteria that decides your AF Karma to go up or down, or even negative?

Negative AF Karma is good or bad? …

Your karma total equals upvotes + downvotes each of your comments receive from other AFers.

Karma doesn’t mean anything. The only practical function it has is to hide posts.

IDK - your karma score is negative 47. Which means you’re getting “up there” for being a shtposter.

it does not matter cuz - 48 points. haha

lol hes talking his book. -another famous industry saying

biggest sh!tposter by far on AF is Yayyy, just look at his karma score. disgraceful.

AF 2018 predictions:

  1. STL revealed to have been the serial downvoter all along. Yayywork hits -5000 AF Karma incidentally

  2. INS Vikramaditya opens first carrier day spa.

  3. Ripple hits $800

  4. Turd disappears from the forum after transcending his material form

  5. Chad announces AF IPO at $35 a share. 70% of revenues come from blackmailing AF members for their disgraceful personal posts.

  6. Bitcoin guy goes missing; Nery inherits the 7 Series BMW

All heard here first. Tanks.

lol dude ohai ur posts are gold bro. ur still a piker though.

quick update on bitcoin dude. bitcoin and her got back together. gold digger got a new job in irvine nad stayed with her cousin’s place so to save on commute time. they madea deal to see each other friday to sunday. come friday he wchecked on her to see if she was coming. the gf made up an excuse and was a no show. im pretty sure shes banging dudes cuz she was banging bitcoin when she was with anotehr dude (who was married). add home wrecker to the list of adjectives. anyways bitcoin flipped and took the cats they are taking care of to the pound. apparently. if the cats stay there for 4 days and are not adopted. they summarily execute them. fun fact!

my friend said he felt guilty. i sent a gif of a cat that says hang in there. hahahahahaha

Having a totally normal one.

Wtf? These people are scum of the earth.

I am amazed that someone spent the time to code a bot to go through and downvote all of his posts. Like, you don’t have ANY better things to do?

It is quite nice to program a code… like a subtle boring and at the same time joyful feeling of creating a Thing. You feel yourself like a tiny god (a gody).

Oh, and when your code or automation works out of the sample, you reach a little piece of happiness.

You should try.

it’s like street cred. CvM is coming back to start an AF keyboarder gang. the gang’s mo is to annoy STL and be generally gangster. must have -100 AF Karma to join. get to work dawgs.

I want to bump my “fail L1 twice and you’re hacksaw” post to see how much hatred it receives.

im a founding member. Reconize.

Woooooow there are some softies in WC