AF Level of Preparedness

I just wanted to point out that in browsing the past couple days I’ve noticed most of the posts are seeking detail clarification or final countdown strategy tweaks. I think this stems from the amount of preparation and work you guys all put in and the fact that each of us knows what we need to do and what needs to happen to reach our respective endpoints. AF’s going to slam LII on 6/7.

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I agree Swanny. I’m starting to feel oddly confident (I reserve the right to change that at a second’s notice), and I’m nowhere near the AF all-star you regulars are. I’d say you and several others (you know who you are) are virtual locks come 6/7. To back up your point, I feel like my high level grasp of the material is coming together nicely, and I’m happy about having another holiday, weekend, two personal days, and a handful of evenings to fill in the gaps/drill down the specifics. I think there will be a lot of AF jubilation come mid August.

One caveat – the analyst (Swan) needs to distinguish between FACT and OPINION…hahaha