AF Meet Up NYC 22nd September

Hi Ya’ll

So it’s official, I’m coming to America. I’ll be in midtown Manhattan 22nd to 27th September visiting some clients. Is anyone around and does anybody want to meet up?

Igor initially expressed some interest and seemed pretty keen, although it would be exponentially more fun if there are a few of us.

I’ve been a member of this forum for 5yrs now, and i know i given plenty of you guys a hard time but i’m actually quite normal and bit of a good laugh. I’m sure we can chat sh i t, drink and visit a strip club… I’m think Friday 22nd?..

Any ya’ll up for it?

We’ll save a table.


Come to Philadelphia. We can go look at the Liberty Bell and then I will buy you a Glenlivet and a dance from KMD

Suggestion: move this to not a weekend like 25-26th. Lot of people likely are busy on a weekend. I could possibly do another date not sure about 22nd i may be out of town.

22nd is a friday so not weekend

im assuming he means friday evening, which most people consider the weekend

thats a good question. yo nerdy start a thread on this

Friday evening is the best time for me. I fly in in the afternoon, we catch some beers in the evening and for those that want to keep going we hit up another titty bar igor knows with super hot cheap amateur women.

Dude i was just there - though unfortunately not the KMD part. where were you?

Pokhim - if i am in NYC im in. On behalf of everyone that doesnt hate you by now, welcome to the states.

I live nearby, im in the city or suburbs every week or so.


yo i don’t know much where you stand from your posts (hopefully you’re not the wild-shoot-from-the-hips-type) but i might be able to join although i got to be honest friday evening is prime time slot.