AF MODERATOR - would you consider adding a CIPM section on AF?

Quite a few people I know are doing this after the CFA.

Any chance AF could facilitate some scintillating chat?



Wait, this isn’t my call at all. Either way, this actually does belong in the Feedback Forum. I’d move it but I’m not sure how.

no. you know the wrong people.

Sorry, we only specialize in titillating chat here.

CIPM- is that like an acronym for a sex act or a porn genre?

As far as I know, you can skip CIPM L1 if you pass CFA L3. I don’t know if this apply to ancient L3 passers. This is a relatively new initiative of CFAI Institute to motivate CIPM candidates.

As far as I know, you can skip CIPM entirely if/if not you pass any CFA exam.


There are no plans for a CIPM section. This is the first request I have seen for one.

Let’s hope it’s also the last…

I second that request.

Please start a CIPM forum for performing investment professionals.

Performance matters!