Af point

Why we get AF point and what is the use of it when asking or commenting in this forum?

When you get 1k points, Chad will send you a picture signed XOXO. True story.

Ohai is working on a trip to Hawaii with his 16,000+ points.

Seriously though, AF points are a way to tell seniority on the forum. They have no cash value but maybe we could setup a new cryptocurrency called AFcoin that would be based on AF points.

Ho,I got it

We used to get dopp kits.

i never got the free shirts. but no biggie!

To show people how long you’ve been active in the forum and how much free time and/or interest you have in internet chit chat…i’m building my points but still only a homo sapien compared to some of the dinosaurs on here.

I think you are pointing at ohai.

Ohi has maximum AF point.congratulations mr ohi

there used to be AF Rewards, at least for those in the US

but evidently no more

as for what you get points for

As chad says, it’s a way to tell seniority

I got a trip to Florida once