AF points and ratings


What are the AF points, and the ratings that are next to each user’s name when they post?

Why am I a CCC??

I’m amazed that daj is still #12. That guy was insane

It’s a steep scale. At least I’m investment grade.

Because you are for sure to default.

I think we’re going to remove the rating and just show the AF points. Basically, you get 2 points for a new post and 1 point for replying to a post.

I kind of like the rating system, it’s catchy

Hey Chad, any thoughts about adding the capability to reward positive posts with +1s? The current system only rewards people who post a lot, not factoring in quality. I think the system doesn’t do justice to consistently helpful posters such as ohai and bchadwick. Just a thought.


“Consistently helpful” eh? I would have expected something more like “that conceited smart ass”, but I’ll take that compliment. Thanks!

Well, given the regular crowd at the water cooler, you might get +1s for that too lol

Quality of my posts is always outstanding, hence the rating

i’m still junk rated despite my 2000+ posts on AF1

At least your full name shows up again.

^ ROFL. I remember that! it used to be: [Mike likes Anal]ysis

i kind of liked it before. more mystery. what does he like? analogies? analogues? Analy(sp) Capital?