AF poll: What is your state of mind?

Two choices:

  1. Confident

  2. Panicked

It’s too early for panic! You’ll get ulcers!

  1. none of the above

worried as i am studying 50% of what i was studyiNG IN l1

2 for sure…


Empire state of mind

I want to be a proctor one day, and be on the OTHER side of the table for once.


I get panicked when I read posts on this site that ask questions about stuff I can’t even remember covering.

That…and when people are already doing mock exams…I’m not even through the material yet…close but not yet.

Confident, as I am almost done with the first pass (started early though). Even if I didn’t feel confident, why would you I be scared over just an exam. I mean, really, it’s not going to be the end of the world if one fails. I understand one would be very frustrated for sure, but besides that, you’re not going to end up jobless, loose your friends/family… Do your very best to pass so you have no regrets, but I’d recommend not to put way too much pressure on the CFA exam than it deserves. That’s only my opinion. Good luck to all anyways!

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Scared i completed fra anf corpfin, now on quant. Then i saw questions re fra and i can no,longer remember the supposed answer also seeing someone already finished a mock while i havent even got to half way mark in reading,material almost gave me heart attack. And i am using Elan, not curriculum. If i were reading curriculum prolly i havent finished any subjects