AF Private Messages

Dumb question of the day:

How do PMs work here? I’ve sent a few PMs but never got any replies. Maybe because nobody likes me which seems reasonable, but since I don’t even see a PM box anywhere I wonder if PMs are redirected to our e-mails or something like that.

I didn’t register with any e-mail that I use often since I’d rather be anonymous and all, so maybe I need to change that.

So, 2 things:

  • How do PMs work here?

  • If you’ve ever PMed me and I didn’t answer, I’m sorry - I just don’t know how to do that. Just know that I love you all!

Who do you want to private message? *wink*

Pm’s!?!? Hide your daughters

Crazyman, I got your PM, but the July 4th holiday messed up my ability to respond rapidly, it’s still on my things to do for the weekend/next Monday. . (However, your reply email looks strange too, i wasnt sure if it was a real email; you might want to resend with the reply email in the body).

I’ve replied to your PM before but don’t think you would have received it - doesn’t look like you entered a proper email address so you might not have gotten a proper notification anyway :slight_smile:

no one sends me PM’s


So this really uses a reply e-mail… Others forums usually have that inside PM box, so I thought that’s how this would work.

I apologize to bchadwick, usj2 and others that might have received my PMs. I’ll start using an e-mail that I actually check just in case.

On a side note, how anonymous we keep this forum anyway? Do you guys use your business/personal e-mails with your names on it, or just some e-mail specifically for non personal stuff? Just trying to get a taste of what’s the socially acceptable behavior here.

Edit: Just toyed with my account right now, and now I have a real e-mail there. It seems we can give our e-mails since they’re not actually shown to anybody. Thanks to everybody who helped, and I apologize for my stupidity (I could’ve checked my account and figured it out)

No problem. For me, I often use a real-but-spammable email if I give it out on here, then tell people a more reliable email once we’ve actually started a conversation.

BTW, I’m off to Argentina for a week (holiday) so I might be slow in responding. It’s rare that I go to South America and not stop in meu querido Brasil, but this time I am being totally unfaithful.

Have a nice Argentinean Steak BChadwick!

I use gmail - pretty resilient to spam anyways.