AF question

I just missed yet another question posted on AF. I believe that my percentage of correct questions is at about 35-40%. I am really starting to get sick of missing every question on here. Okay, I am done.

Well done, mwvt9. You weren’t afraid of answering questions you weren’t comfortable with and I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from your mistakes. I’m pretty sure your percentage on the actual exam will be at least twice as high. Keep it up!

mwt9 consider the following AF is probably one of the strongest groups of candidates The questions posted here are questions that were considered high difficulty I think your knowledge is strong. no bullshiting

florin’s right. i don’t think i’ve ever posted anything i got right on my own. and your estimate of 35-40% is way off, my friend.

lets make our mistakes here rather than on 6/7…

^ that’s the way i look at it 3letters. ain’t no shame in my game… i don’t care if i get 10% right here on this forum so long as come test day i’ve learned the right way to get the answers. i definitely post way more that i get wrong than right- only time i post a right one is if i think it’ll help others learn if it was a good question. i’m seriously starting to lose my mind studying. i’m all FSA/equity until the weekend and then i’ll take some more practice tests and do other areas again. I need to drill these stupid adjustments into my head already- i make the dumbest math mistakes way too often. SS7 adjustments- as they’d say in seinfeld, GEORGE IS GETTING ANGRY. serenity now.

insanity later

Why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun???

Lloyd Braun cracked when he tried to pass this thing.

remember, as allen iverson once said so eloquently, we talking about practice! this is only practice, not the game.